News Recap: Aereo Launches a DVR in the Cloud, Hulu Debuts Original Comedy, Hulu Plus Now on Wii

Aereo Antenna Array

New Startup Promises New Way of Watching Television in The CloudAereo, a New York-based startup, promises to revolutionize watching broadcast TV by streaming it directly to you over the internet.  The technology behind it is where it gets real interesting.  Aereo essentially has small devices with hundreds of antennas each to pick up local, broadcast signals.  It essentially gives each user control of their own antenna, allowing them to change channels and access DVR controls such as pause and rewind.  This apparently makes everything legit and legal (only time and lawsuits will really tell).  The service will be available in March only in New York City for $12/month.  Source: Techcrunch

Hulu Gets In On The Original Content Game with “Battleground”: This actually isn’t Hulu’s first original content series but it still is interesting to report with Netflix’s push into the same space with their recently released, “Lillyhammer”.  Hulu’s “Battleground” is a scripted comedy series that centers around a Wisconsin Senate race.  Unfortunately, unlike Netflix, Hulu will be releasing this show on a schedule of one episode per week. Source: GigaOm

Hulu Plus Now Available on Your Nintendo Wii: This isn’t huge news as the Wii has been out for years but its hard not to mention given the device’s popularity; especially among those not likely to own another set-top streaming box.  You can download it from the Wii Shop Channel and start streaming to your hearts content.  Source: Hulu Blog

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