News Recap: Intel To Launch Web TV Service, iCloud Movie Syncing Coming Soon, Roku Software Update and MORE

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Intel Looks To Get Into TV Over The Web: The company best known for making chips that power PC’s is looking to create a web TV service that would allow consumers to subscribe to a TV service that operates a’ la carte, over your existing internet connection.  The biggest hurdle with such a service is getting content providers on board, as some traditional cable TV channels are only able to survive because they are bundled with so many other channels.  Microsoft and Google have made similar attempts before and Apple is rumored to currently be in negotiations with content providers for their mystic Apple TV set.  Intel hasn’t traditionally done well with consumer branded devices but more horses in the race could mean a win for end-users.  Source: Wall Street Journal

Apple TV Users Rejoice: HBO To Allow Movies To Be Synced Via iCloud: Back in the good ol’ days, movies were first licensed to pay-TV channels, like HBO, who controlled the films redistribution rights.  The battle over these content rights is preventing big studios (Universal, Fox, Warner Bros., etc) from having their films synced via iCloud.   This means that those with an Apple TV cannot currently watch movies that were previously purchased from iTunes on another device.  Once HBO finally loosens their stance, it will be a big win for Apple TV users.  Source: Ars Technica

Amazon Inks Deal to Bring Discovery Content To Amazon Instant Video: The battle over content continues to heat up with Amazon announcing that Instant Video users (available for free with an Amazon Prime membership) now have access to a variety of shows from Discovery’s family of networks.  This includes shows like “Mythbusters” on the Discovery Channel, in addition to “Cake Boss” and “Say Yes To The Dress” on TLC.  Netflix inked a similar deal with Discovery not too long ago and this goes to show that the lines are beginning to blur when it comes when it comes to Netflix vs. Amazon.  Source: Techcrunch

Hulu Adds 30 New Documentaries For Your Viewing Pleasure:  Hulu has announced a treasure trove of documentaries for their Hulu Plus subscribers, some of which are being offered exclusively through the service.  This includes films such as “Enron: The Smartest Guys in The Room” and “Jesus Camp” as well newcomers like Morgan Spurlock’s “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope”.  It’s great to see Hulu adding more movie content in addition to their already extensive TV offerings.  Source: Hulu Blog

Roku Releases Software Update For Their Roku 2 & LT Players:  Late last week Roku announced that customers with the 2nd and LT versions of their streaming box will be getting a software update.  Most notably, there were multiple fixes for the Netflix channel including optimizing screen navigation and improved audio and subtitle settings.  The update also offered improvements for device discovery when using mobile apps such as Roku’s iPhone and Android apps.  Check out the link for a full list of improvements.  Source: Roku Blog

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