How To Watch Super Bowl XLVII If You Don’t Have Cable or Satellite

Once again, the biggest sporting event of the year is upon us.  Super Bowl XLVII features the Baltimore Ravens vs. the San Francisco 49er’s from New Orleans this Sunday, February 3rd at 6:00 PM EST.  Last year’s big game took a big precedent as it was the first year that the game was (legally) streamed online by NBC, who also had the main broadcast rights for the event.  Here’s the best way to watch the game this year if you don’t have cable or satellite:

Antenna – As with the biggest live sporting events, a good over-the-air antenna is your best bet for watching the game.  While it may be a little late at this point to order one online, you can probably find a cheap option like the RCA ANT1050 at your local electronics store or big box retailer.  But before you head out, make sure that you do your homework on a site like TVFool or AntennaWeb so that you know the details of the local broadcast stations in your area.  For example, in Chicago, where I live, CBS is the only station that broadcasts in “full-power” VHF, meaning I actually had to get a second antenna just to receive CBS.  If you aren’t sure where to start then read our guide about how to get HD broadcasts from an antenna. – CBS will also stream the entire game online.  In 2012, the first year the game was streamed online, NBC said that over 2 million people watched the game.  Unlike NBC last year, CBS has stated that they also plan to stream all of the commercials in addition to the halftime show.  Viewers will also be able to choose their camera angle, something that NBC did last year as well.  CBS’s website does mention that you will need Adobe Flashplayer to watch the game on their site so you can forget about trying to watch it on your iPad.

NFL Mobile (Verizon Wireless Customers Only – iOS, Android, Windows Phone) – The NFL’s wireless partner, Verizon, will be streaming the Super Bowl through their NFL Mobile application.  You have to be a Verizon customer with a smartphone (presumably a 3G/4G tablet on Verizon would work as well) and sign up for the premium NFL Mobile service which costs $5/month.  So theoretically if you don’t already subscribe to the service then you are just paying 5 bucks to watch the Super Bowl.  However, if this is your only option to watch the game then it might be worth it.

Outside the United States – For those who live outside the U.S., you will most likely be out of luck if you try to go to stream the game.  However, if you subscribe to a VPN service that has servers in the U.S., you would be essentially spoofing your IP address, allowing you to stream the game from that site.  You could also check out a service like USTVnow which provides free streaming for terrestrial stations in the U.S.  First Row Sports is another option that will most likely carry a few streams of the big game.

How do you plan to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? Let us know in the comments!

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